Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Welcome to myself

Well, I have been so impressed reading other families blogs that I have decided to start my own. I think it would be a good way to share our daily lives with family and friends who aren't nearby. So I will start with the basics... James is still job searching, but he has some great prospects. In fact, tomorrow is a big day... we should be getting phone calls from a couple of places and he has an awesome interview. We are not very worried. Things seem to be coming together for us, as they always do! The kids are doing great in school. Ian is breezing through pre-algebra. He understands every lesson immediately and does wonderfully on the work. He is also becoming a super writer. His writing has always been very creative, but now that he is understanding grammar rules a bit better, everything is just falling into place for him. It is really neat to be a part of. Layla, at 5, is an amazing student. She is already reading 300 page books with a complete understanding of the plots. Her narrations of what she has read are right on and super animated and it is so exciting. Josiah started Hooked-on-Phonics at 3, and has finished it at 4. He is now reading the basics... Fat cat sat on the mat and said "what is that?" It is one of the most rewarding things to teach your child to read. The twins are great, they just turned 7 mos. Ruth has her first tooth coming through, and I know Hannah has one somewhere, she's teething like crazy. They are both scooting all over the place, although Hannah is a lot faster. Hannah is definitely the aggressive one...she growls and she loves attacking Ruth. She thinks it is very funny to climb on top of her and claw at her...Ruth does not think this is funny. On the other hand, Ruth is a much better eater. She loves all her new foods, while Hannah could care less.

Our children love reading

Handsome Jo

Messy Ruth

Sweet Hannah