Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Change is coming

Well it is official, we are moving to Washington state. We began packing today and it certainly is interesting. So much stuff... it is an adventure, that's for sure. We are very excited about the prospects that await us and especially about the possibility of snow in the winter! At least for Layla, Josiah and myself, this is one of the most awesome things. Of course it is very sad for us to leave the coast, we love living at the beach and we love being near my mom and family.

Aunt Hanna and Uncle Davey, we will miss you so much!

So tomorrow we will pack and pack some more! Hopefully I will remember to take some pictures of our packing adventure and post them so you can see how crazy it all is.

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Walt said...

Welcome to Washington! We don't get as much snow as we used to, at least on the wet side of the mountains, but in the winter it's only a day trip away.