Friday, August 29, 2008

Beautiful baby maidens walking!!

Here are the twins as they begin their walking adventure. Ruth has been taking a couple of steps at a time for about two weeks and now she is trying to ONLY walk, although she falls down every few steps. Hannah has just begun to follow her sister, standing and attempting a step or two at a time. She is very funny though, because she gets so very excited that she is actually standing and about to walk, that she just giggles and giggles while she tries to walk, so she falls. Forgive the unfurnished house in the background, as we all know the reasons for the lack of decor.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I really want to!

I know I said my next post would be pictures but I'm lagging a little bit, sorry. My cousin is getting married next month at my grandparents house in CA and we would love to go. All my family will be there and it would be so nice to see them. More importantly though, and this is really why I want to be there more than anything, my big brother will be there and he will have his 6 month old daughter, Addison, with him. I've never seen her! My big brother is finally a daddy, and I have never seen his beautiful angel. I don't know when my next opportunity will be, so it's so important that we go. I especially need to see her as a baby. It breaks my heart that I have never seen her, and he's never seen the twins. All this to say, I really want to go, but it's so unlikely. I still have hope.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Preparations and stuff

As Autumn is just around the corner, and we will be starting school in a week, I have been engulfed in thoughts and planning and ideas. I know no one cares and you all just want to see cute pictures of the kids, so I promise, my next post will have lots of cute pictures. Maybe we will go to the river today and take some or something. For now though, if you continue reading, all you have are my ramblings about my thoughts, planning and ideas.

Autumn crafts and food

Some crafts I want to make are acorn wreaths, corn husk dolls, bird feeders and Christmas cards. The kids are most excited about the acorn wreaths, because Layla just loves acorns. I am also looking forward to all my delicious fall foods... my special chili sounds so nice to eat on a chilly fall day. (hehe) Also, pumpkin cake, pumpkin cookies and everyone's favorite, my pumpkin bread. (Although, I think my recipe is in storage. Oh no. Leanne, if you still have my recipe, will you e-mail it to me? We will all be sad without pumpkin bread!) I am getting so excited for the cooler weather, the smells of baking, snuggling under blankets. Leaves actually fall off trees here, unlike back home, so we are ready for that too! Can't you imagine it all? It will be lovely!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My couch

I have a couch. It is a very nice, big, comfy couch. I really enjoy sitting on it, reading on it, holding babies on it, relaxing on it, snuggling with the munchkins on it, and just looking at it. Most of you have been on it, so I think you understand. This couch is far away in CA, just waiting for the day when we can come rescue it from storage along with the rest of our stuff. I am thinking about this because this morning I sat down on our "new" couch. $20 from a thrift store, and when you sit on it you kind of sink down to the ground. Now it is definitely better than no couch, and we are fine and we make due, but when I sit on it, my mind wanders to my nice, big, comfy couch. Someday we will be reunited! I just wanted to share my couch thoughts with you. Have a good day, enjoy your couches, and don't take them for granted!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Super fun twins!

We thought it would be cute to put Josiah's shirts on the girls. They thought it was so funny and started acting so adorable that we had to take a video. Of course, we then had to post it for everyone!

Our relaxing Saturday

Here's a look at our day. Layla is using this book to practice drawing.

She worked really hard at the page titled "a workman" this morning and made a wonderful drawing!

Josiah did his own drawing of a workman and a spider.

The babies played all morning long.

Ruth ate a remote.
Hannah played with ribbons and toys and laughed at the flash from the camera.

Ian enjoyed flipping between the Olympics, which he's really into this year, and baseball. He had to watch the Mariners, he doesn't really care for them. He would much rather be watching the Dodgers. He happily shared his peach with the twins who attack him until he feeds them and then cry when the food is gone. They have him wrapped around their fingers!

Friday, August 15, 2008


We are finally in our new home, we got the internet hooked up, and now I can post some pictures of our life the past couple of months! How exciting, huh? Let's begin with our move from California to Washington. The drive wasn't that bad actually, but we made a lot of stops to allow the kids some fun. In Weed, CA we stopped at a park for lunch and play.

The kids and the babies were so good on the drive, I was impressed. I also drove the entire way without crying once! I'm super tough. Once we arrived, we just spent some time getting to know the place. We went to lots of parks and just enjoyed each other.

Then James started working, we began summer vacation, and Layla turned six! I can't believe she's so old. We moved into our home and we are finally getting settled! Our stuff is still in California so that's interesting, but of course, now we are just accumulating more stuff! Anyway, I will post more soon, just wanted to say a quick hello! Love you all!

Wow, lots of exclamation marks. I hope you were really excited when you read that...