Friday, August 15, 2008


We are finally in our new home, we got the internet hooked up, and now I can post some pictures of our life the past couple of months! How exciting, huh? Let's begin with our move from California to Washington. The drive wasn't that bad actually, but we made a lot of stops to allow the kids some fun. In Weed, CA we stopped at a park for lunch and play.

The kids and the babies were so good on the drive, I was impressed. I also drove the entire way without crying once! I'm super tough. Once we arrived, we just spent some time getting to know the place. We went to lots of parks and just enjoyed each other.

Then James started working, we began summer vacation, and Layla turned six! I can't believe she's so old. We moved into our home and we are finally getting settled! Our stuff is still in California so that's interesting, but of course, now we are just accumulating more stuff! Anyway, I will post more soon, just wanted to say a quick hello! Love you all!

Wow, lots of exclamation marks. I hope you were really excited when you read that...

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MrsD/Jacque said...

What a fun post. I am glad it went so well for you on the drive. Our 4500m drive went pretty well last summer, all things considered. I think the worst of it was me, when we drove across the 20 mile Atchafalaya bridge across the alligator-infested waters at 70mph. I lost some fingernails then, but at least I got closer to our Lord. :)
The Littles did great for all that time in the van.

I hope things are going well for you in your new place. When we moved up here, we left most of our stuff in NM, and I didn't like it. Matt had to go back and get a couple of months later.

Have a great week.