Thursday, August 28, 2008

I really want to!

I know I said my next post would be pictures but I'm lagging a little bit, sorry. My cousin is getting married next month at my grandparents house in CA and we would love to go. All my family will be there and it would be so nice to see them. More importantly though, and this is really why I want to be there more than anything, my big brother will be there and he will have his 6 month old daughter, Addison, with him. I've never seen her! My big brother is finally a daddy, and I have never seen his beautiful angel. I don't know when my next opportunity will be, so it's so important that we go. I especially need to see her as a baby. It breaks my heart that I have never seen her, and he's never seen the twins. All this to say, I really want to go, but it's so unlikely. I still have hope.


Kelly said...

AMY! You have to find a way down! Do you know how happy you'd make our family????? I am keeping all my fingers, toes, eyes, arms, legs, hairs crossed.... I have hope too!

Hanna said...

I'm right there with Kel!!! You have to find a way to come!!! Love You :)