Saturday, September 13, 2008

a fun, busy week

Apparently my post is going to be bold and underlined because I can't make it stop. Oh, well. This must be very important :), We had a really outstanding week. Here are the super pictures to show you all who care so greatly. Oh, yes, I am warning you now, Josiah did get a hair cut, and daddy, who was never one for the normal cut, made it very interesting. I am trying to get the "interesting" part to be cut off, but so far the two of them will not consent. He is still adorable though, and the sweetest little munchkin ever.

We made bread. It was delicious.
We made (hey, look, the bold, underline stopped. Yay!) applesauce. My potato masher is in storage, so we had to use a spoon. Very interesting. We must get a new potato masher. It was still yummy though.
Yep, there's that haircut.
I also decided I wanted to have picture day. I got a picture of Layla, Josiah and Ian. Ian didn't want his picture taken alone, he had to have a baby with him. I also wanted to get an all girls picture and an all boys picture, but daddy was working, so I didn't get the boys yet. I will post it as soon as I do.

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Anonymous said...

Yes indeed a fun and busy week! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time and the bread looks wonderful!

As for your question, if you simply highlight, copy, and paste my daybook onto a post you can delete my answers and write yours. Then when you posted it take the direct link (like this post's is: and add it to the linky on my blog and the one at and that's all.

If you need any further help I'd be glad to. :)