Saturday, September 20, 2008

Let's talk about twins

Our trip to CA next week is canceled. James hurt his back and was out of work for a couple of days, so we are not going to be able to go. We are sad not to see our family and friends, but we will just have to make a trip soon.

Anyway, let me tell you some things about twins who are almost one. They are hilarious! Ruth is a little stinker...she takes whatever Hannah is playing with. When Hannah cries, she gives it back. Then, she goes and finds something else, goes back to Hannah, puts the new toy in Hannah's lap, and takes away the toy she wants again. Most of the time, Hannah still cries, but occasionally she will be okay with what Ruth has given her. Hannah is very smart. She puts a little ball into a bowl and leaves it there always. The other day Josiah took the ball out and rolled it away. Hannah didn't notice him do it, but she did see the ball rolling by. She grabbed it, crawl/walked over to the bowl and put it back in. Josiah took it out again and rolled it away. Hannah glared at him, went over to the ball, picked it up, crawl/walked back and put it in the bowl again! I was amazed. Hannah gives kisses, Ruth gives hugs. They are the sweetest girls ever and I can't believe they're going to be one in a week.

Two Months

Three Months

Almost One

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Theresa said...

Hi, I got here blog hopping Simple Woman's Day Book posts. Your girls are beautiful. I have identical twin girls who are 5.5 yo. We have opposite situations... I'm in CA and my family is in WA! I'm sorry you had to cancel your trip because I know what that is like. :o( Sometimes it just can't be helped. We keep praying and hoping that God will open the doors for us to move back to WA to be near family and to begin a simpler life without the triple digit heat here in the valley!

Happy Birthday to your girls! :o)