Thursday, September 25, 2008


As it is my favorite season, I was going to do a post about some lovely Autumn memories. I was searching for pictures to go along, but I was unable to find any. Apparently I don't have any on this computer, I think my mama has most of my favorites! Anyway, as I was searching though, I did find this adorable picture of Layla and Josiah.

Aren't they just precious? It seems like so long ago...

Today Layla is an amazing six year old. She loves to read, write, draw, help mama with housework, play, take care of her sisters. She is learning to bake and cook. Whenever I am at the stove, she is right there watching me, asking every step. She has recently taken up the chore of sweeping. Every night she would ask me if she could sweep. She wanted to do it. Tonight when I thanked her, she informed me that she loved sweeping, it is one of her favorite things.

Here is a story she wrote in one of her many notebooks.

Josiah is the sweetest four year old boy. He has the most wonderful heart. He loves to snuggle and tell me he loves me. He enjoys reading as well, he did hooked-on-phonics when he was three. He loves to draw. The other day he sat on my lap and studied my face for a few minutes, then asked, "Mama, how do you draw a nose?" He loves to play with Layla. He thinks Ian is the best big brother ever. He adores the twins. He just told me, "It's a lot more fun now that we have the twins."

They are growing into two amazing children. Along with Ian, the twins, and my sweetheart James, I have such a beautiful family. God has truly blessed me.

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