Sunday, September 28, 2008

Twins turn one!

Today was the twins birthday. We had such a lovely day and a nice little party at home. There's not much to write about, but there are lots of pictures to show you!

Mama baked all morning, and then we went to the park for some swinging and sliding. The girls love to swing!

There is a huge teeter totter type thing at the park with two seats per side, so we were all able to ride at once. Grandma took pictures. The babies just loved it!
Smiles with mama and big brother!

I made them butterfly carrot cakes. I used my mama's secret recipe that she finally gave me. It makes the most delicious carrot cake ever. Don't ask though, I am not allowed to give it out. Both girls got their own butterfly cake, and then there was one more.
They both loved it!
Ruth loved the rocking horse that they got.

Hannah enjoyed the blocks.
It was a really lovely day. Very tiring. Very lovely. I still cannot believe that they are one.


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Ruth and Hannah!

Those cakes look beautiful, and yummy! Kaitlin has a milk allergy, so I make a special chocolate-banana cake for her. I will not give out the recipe, but I have made it for others! Maybe I'll hand it out later;)

Blessings to all,

Leanne Barker said...

happy birthday Ruth and Hannah from the Barkers!
miss you guys!

Mrs. H. said...

Happy birthday to Ruth and Hannah! You need to tell your Mama to hop on over to Heritage Schoolhouse, because...SHE WON the giveaway! :-)

Sarah said...

Ahh, we missed it! Oh well, happy one-day late birthday sweet lil' muffin cakes!! p.s. Ian's hair is so long!! we miss our friends :(