Friday, September 5, 2008

Wrapping it up

Well we are officially ending our first week of school. It was so wonderful to be back in routine and peace. Our daily schedule looks something like this:

Bible reading together ( we read a chapter of Proverbs,
whatever chapter corresponds with the day of the month)
Morning chores
Individual Bible reading. Ian is reading Luke, Layla
and Josiah are reading Genesis with me.
Character training. Ian is reading Boyhood and Beyond
Layla and Josiah are doing Character journals.
Math. Ian is in Saxon 8/7 Layla is doing Singapore 1B.
Science. Ian is using Apologia Exploring Creation
through General Science. Layla is reading sections
of Handbook of Nature Study.
Reading 1. This consists of either a history, literature, or natural history
reading. Ian and Layla have numerous books that
they are working through in these subjects, I will list
them below.
. Ian is reading and memorizing Poems
by Rudyard Kipling. Layla is reading
and memorizing poems by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Josiah is reading Poems and Prayers for the Very Young.
Weekly Subject
I will list these below
Spanish bi-weekly, Tues and Thurs
Reading 2.
Written Narration
for Ian
Productive free time
Ministry time
Tea time
(really it's snack, but it's much more fun
to say tea. Ian and I drink chai tea and the
munchkins have hot chocolate or chocolate
milk. We also eat delicious baked goods that we
make once or twice a week in our productive free time.

That's our basic schedule. The babies have adapted to it very well and it is not difficult at all. They nap in the morning and usually wake up right around copywork/grammar time. They nap again at productive free time, as does Josiah, which gives the three of us some nice time together do enjoy some good activities. Ian has used his time to design a bird house which he is going to begin making soon. Layla is getting very good at drawing, and, as usual, writing many songs. We bake once or twice a week.

For our history, literature and natural history readings, the kids have a wide variety of books. Ian is reading Story of the Greeks by H.A. Gueber
Augustus Caesar's World by Genevieve Foster
Age of Fables by Thomas Bulfinch
David Livingstone
School of the Woods
Trial and Triumph
Princess and the Goblin
by George Macdonald
Genesis: Finding Our Roots by Ruth Beechick
A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare

Layla is reading An Island Story by H.E. Marshal
50 Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin
Parables from Nature
The Burgess Bird Book
Just So Stories
by Holling C. Holling
Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare

Our weekly subjects are:
Monday- geography
Tuesday- Nature study (we are using Anna Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study)
Wednesday- Composer (we are studying Bach)
Thursday- Picture study (we are learning paintings by da Vinci
Friday- music, timelines, and handicrafts

We had a really great first week. Today I am doing a big grocery shopping. I try to do a mega shop once a month, and then just buy little things here and there as we need them throughout the month. Today is mega shop day, and I should really be planning for it. I have staples that I buy that we use often and then I always try and add a few new meals in at least once or twice a week. This month I am going to make pizza pockets, cap'n crunch chicken fingers, a new meatloaf, and a new lasagna. I am going to attempt to make muffins a few nights a week so we have some variations in breakfast and James has something to eat in the morning. We are looking into getting a big freezer so that we can buy more meats at a time and freeze them until we need them. Also, when I make meals, I can make extra and freeze one so we have some quick, easy dinners some nights. That would be awesome! Anyway, that's just a look at our week. Have a great weekend!

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