Monday, October 6, 2008

Simpmle Woman's Daybook

For Today…October 6, 2008

Outside my Window…crisp, cool, dark morning

I am thinking…how amazing it is when leaves change colors in the fall. Now for those of you who are used to this, you may not think about how awesome this is. I am from the coast of California, our leaves are green year-round. Now that I am in Washington, I am seeing some wonderful things that I have never been able to experience. Seeing three trees, one with green leaves, one with red leaves and one with yellow leaves, all in a row is so amazing and beautiful.

From the learning rooms…a mess of books and papers

I am thankful for…the lovely day trip we took to the mountains yesterday. It is so beautiful up there, the kids loved it, and we just had a joyous day together.

From the kitchen…nothing exciting. We were gone all day yesterday so I didn't get anything done. No delicious baked goodies, no yummy left overs. I'm sure we will have some later.

I am wearing…plaid pajama pants and a sweatshirt...I really should get dressed!

I am reading…the Bible, Little House in the Big Woods with the munchkins, the Real Story of Mankind

I am hoping…to see my mama soon

I am creating…a menu for the month. I have dinner completed, now I need to go shopping.

I am hearing…quiet.

Around the house…Ruth sleeping, Hannah playing, Ian studying science, Layla reading, Josiah making crafts

One of my favorite things…my family

I am praying for... Calli (always!), my beautiful sister, guidance

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…decorate, bake, plan daddy's birthday

I accomplished since last week…created my dinner menu, got the books we needed, organized some things

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Layla and her corn cob doll. She was very excited to do this craft, she named her Susan, after Laura's corn cob doll in Little House.

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MrsD/Jacque said...

I am still waiting for our leaves to change.... I love the colors too!
Apparently, Around the House, we have a mess and dirt! LOL - from what Jocelyn's SWD says!

It was good to read about your day/week. I hope you have a great one!