Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Almost everything you ever wanted to know

Twins are so very exciting and fun. Here is a list of the things they do...

Ruth is the provoker. She likes to chase Hannah around, grab her and tackle her to the ground. Hannah does not like this very much. She puts up with it for awhile, but then she decides to put a stop to it with a bite. Ruth gets many bites from her 27 minute younger sister.

Ruth likes to pull hair. Not to be mean. For some reason it comforts her. Whenever she is being held, she reaches up and grabs the hair of whoever is holding her. It hurts.

Hannah loves building blocks. She will sit for the longest time and just stack them one on top of another. When they fall, she starts over again. The biggest tower she built was seven blocks high...pretty impressive at 13 mos.

Ruth's favorite thing to play with is a puzzle. She loves to try and put the pieces back. She never gets frustrated when they don't fit, she just keeps trying.

They love cheese...

Hannah thinks it is very funny to spit water. She takes her cup, drinks a bit, then starts spitting everywhere. We take the cup then. She does not like that.

They love to be outdoors. Even when it's cold. Ruth sits in the grass and holds acorns, while Hannah picks them up and runs away from everyone. She is afraid we will take them from her, so whenever someone comes near, she runs.

They love books. They have a pile of books that are theirs. They pick them up and bring them to whoever is around to read them. Their favorite is a winnie-the-pooh book.

Josiah taught Hannah how to say "baboon." She mixed it with "daddy" and now she calls daddy "dadoon."

Ruth likes to put blankets over her head. She rolls around in them, then peeks out to see if anyone is watching. After awhile, she stands up and starts walking with the blanket over her head. Somehow, she never runs into things. Hannah thought this looked like great fun once. She tried it too...she ran into the wall.

They eat grilled cheese and quesadillas...did I mention they love cheese?

They still wake up on average twice a piece during the night...this is rather obnoxious for me, but they do go right back to sleep.

They started wearing cloth diapers a few months ago.

They adore their daddy more than anything, ever.

They love music...they always dance when they hear it. One begins, and the other joins in, the same dance.

They think that the other is hilarious. They crack up at each other.

They think it is a great game to take their sister's pacifier.

They are super snuggly. They love to lay their heads on people and be held.

They do not like the car. After only a few minutes, one will start fussing.

They only like eggs for breakfast...oh, did I mention they love cheese?

Ruth will completely ignore something until Hannah wants it, then she will race her for it.

I'm sure there are many more things, but that's all I can think of right now. They certainly are delightful!


Leanne Barker said...

thats so cute! thanks for sharing all their talents.

Krystal said...

Oh, my gosh... that first picture! My 20-month-old daughter makes the EXACT same face all the time!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ames. It is good to read. And the others are thriving too. Love you.

Meghann said...

that was really sweet! they are absolutely adorable!

my 10 yr old daughter keeps praying i'll have twins someday...actually she wants either me or her to have 4 sets of twins. don't think it will be happening for me...maybe her someday! after reading this i think i may pray for a set for myself :)

Anonymous said...

So, so cute! I love your twins. :)

I love the post below about you and your husband and how you met, too. I had a similar experience with my husband - as soon as I saw him, I felt the Lord say, more or less, "He's going to be a huge part of your life." Amazing!

I'm so glad you came to visit my blog! I love having new visitors. I've enjoyed reading your blog thus far, too.

I saw in your post below that you used to attend the Burn Vineyard - I went to the Anaheim Vineyard all my life, and then when we moved to Texas, the Houston Vineyard, and now that we're back in CA, the Inland Vineyard (though we're praying about where we really belong, because right now, the drive is really long). I don't know if you still attend a Vineyard but I just thought it was neat that we had that little thing in common (of course, among other things! :). Just wanted to tell you that! Fun!