Friday, November 21, 2008

Something to make a mama smile

This past weekend we were able to visit with some good friends from CA. They were visiting a church nearby us to lead worship at a conference and we went to see them and then spend the afternoon with them. They blessed us greatly by taking all seven of us out to eat at Olive Garden. (Mmmmm....bread sticks)

When it came time to order, our six year old daughter, Layla, was all prepared to order for herself. The waiter asked her what she wanted and she remarked, "Chicken strips." The waiter said, "Ok, and french fries." The kids meals came with an option of french fries or broccoli.

Layla looked up and said quickly, "No, broccoli."

He stared at her a minute and then asked, "Are you serious?"

We laughed and she said, "Yes."

The waiter smiled and said, "That's a first. Good job."

That's something to make a mama smile.


Meghann said...

that is awesome! good for you!

...they call me mommy... said...

So good! Victory for mom!! :D PTL!

Miss Jocelyn said...

Awww that is so cute!

Aunt Hanna said...

That's my girl!!!!

Amanda said...

Don't you love that look you get when your child actually chooses the veggies over the fries!! It's like a huge pat on the back!

Also, my brother is going to be stationed in Washington, and we hope to visit him this spring before he goes over seas. Maybe we will be able to have a quick visit! Just a thought! Have a great Thanksgiving.


amy said...

That would be so wonderful Amanda! Hope it works out.

Kristin said...

Great job!

My children are not huge fans of vegetables, especially broccoli. They prefer cauliflower.