Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Fun! Way too many pictures.

A first winter in the snow instead of the warm California sun!
We had a snowy weekend, the first snow of the year, and for the kids and I, the first snow we have ever woken up to. It was pretty amazing. The kids haven't gotten over it yet.

Trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues

Early morning Ian and the snow babies

Some fun snow playing pictures

Yes, Ian got a snowball right in the face.

To a nice, warm diner for some hot chocolate, games, and laughter.

God is so good.

Though this is my first snowy winter, I decided no snowy winter is complete without apple pie. The apple pie I made.

One sweet picture of Ruth and Josiah. She likes to lay by him and snuggle.

We had such a wonderful weekend, and now, while the snow is still falling, we are staying warm by the fire. The kids are drinking hot cocoa, mama drinking coffee. With soft music, games and books, we are enjoying being inside, out of the snow.

Hannah has fallen asleep on me, so I'm going to put her down now.

Have a lovely day!


Craig and Heather said...

First snow! It looks as though your family had a wonderful time :)

I couldn't resist visiting after you commented on my site. You also have a beautiful family! And twins?

Did you make the matching hats? Just curious, as I love to crochet hats as a hobby. Other people's cute creations always turn my head.


Aunt Hanna said...

Oh my gosh, it all looks so magical and so much fun, I wish I were there! Everyone looks absolutely beautiful and happy.. I love you so much sister, and miss you more and more everyday...

amy said...


My mother-in-law made the three hats for the twins and my older daughter. She is very creative! I love to crochet also, but have just recently learned, so I am not that good yet. Hopefully soon!

...they call me mommy... said...

Looks like a wonderful day! pie, hot chocolate...what all around cozy-ness! I love all the pictures! Oh and I really like Keith Green...:)

Meghann said...

okay, I'm a little jealous! Wish we could have a little more snow here in TX, though I do love the 70 degree days like we had today when I can open my doors and windows. But still, would love to play in the snow more than once a year! :)

Anonymous said...

Lots of SNOW! Cute photos! :)

Thank you for your comments. It's always nice to hear from you.