Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On preparing for a week trip

We are busy preparing for a week long trip to California... 2 adults, 5 children.

To Bake: Instead of spending tons of money on unhealthy, not very delicious food, I am trying to bake a lot of stuff so we can have breakfast and lunch ready while on the road.

2 1/2 dozen pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
2 dozen blueberry muffins
2 dozen bagels: plain, onion, and cinnamon
3 loaves of bread

Will also bring along peanut butter, jelly, various lunch meats and cheese
Snacks to include graham crackers, pretzels, and fruit

Will also buy a pack of two of water bottles

Hopefully this will be sufficient.

Then on to clothes...

I am assuming we will have access to washer/dryer at some point

4 pairs of pajamas (each)
5 outfits (each)
socks, shoes

will be using disposable diapers on the trip instead of cloth

Everyone else will probably bring 2 pairs of pajamas and 5 outfits...

Toys and books

Must make sure to bring lots of books for the twins...they love them. Also, their baby dolls, Raggedy Anne dolls, toy phones, and blankets. These are their favorite things.

The other kids will pack some books and toys of their choosing.

Also, we will have a bag of wrapped birthday presents for Josiah, as he will turn 5 on Wednesday the 18th. He is very excited to have his birthday with some California family and friends, and he wants to have it at his favorite place, the Avila Beach Park. I guess that depends on the weather.
Barkers, Moores, Delmores, Wahls, anyone else... he (and we) want to see you all. You're all invited...details to follow I suppose.

Anyway, lots of preparing to do...

And school...

I must go.

Have a lovely day.


Leanne Barker said...

Yeah exciting! We can't wait to see you guys! What is Josiah interesting in these days- I need a gift idea! :)

Shannon Moore said...

I am so excited you have no idea.

Amanda said...

Have "fun" packing! I like to go on trips, but I dread packing. We'll pray for a safe trip.


Anonymous said...

I am ecstatic!! I love you all so much I think I might never let you return to Washington. It is supposed to rain all week, but we will just have to use umbrellas at the park for Joe. Hanna and Davey are so excited, as is Dave. I on the other hand, am in heaven. Can't wait Ames. Mom

Sarah said...

Oh, we are so there! Just let us know where and when!!! How fun :)

...they call me mommy... said...

WOW! Packing is a HUGE job isn't it! Making that food for the trip sounds like a GREAT idea, Amy! It will save you so much $$$$$!

God bless you and your family and have a SAFE and FUN trip! :-)

eva said...


Meghann said...

you are so smart! i hope the trip is nice