Saturday, August 22, 2009

The past couple of months

We have had a crazy few months, and it's not over yet! First off, I am 18 weeks pregnant with baby 5! We are so excited.

We have also begun the Vineyard process of church planting, which is quite a relief, knowing we are heading in the direction we have been called to. Through this process we have been able to meet some great people from the surrounding cities who are supporting us and helping us. It is such a blessing.

The most crazy event for us has been buying a house. Over two months ago we put an offer in for a house, which was accepted, and we have been preparing to buy our house. Our closing date was July 24, we were to be out of our apartment August 1. Plenty of time. Well, July 24 came and went without our house closing. Our lender didn't know why the bank hadn't gotten their papers out in time, but he said, it shouldn't be much longer. Well, we had to move, all of our stuff got put in storage and we came for a temporary stay at my mother-in-laws apartment. Every day we have been told today is the day...we will get the green light from the bank and close in two days. Yet, we are still here. Our lender says he has never seen this happen before, and he has no idea what is going on. He says he will talk to someone at the bank who says everything is good, they will send him the ok...and nothing ever comes. He is baffled.

We have decided to look for a house to rent in the mean we will move into whatever comes first. If we get the okay for our house, in we go. If we get a house to rent, and the date comes to move in, and we have not heard about our house, then we will walk away from the deal and rent the house. We are, of course, taking all this as positively as possible. We know we will be in a house shortly, and we also know we will be moving in wherever God wants us, and that will be what is best for us. So we are just trusting Him, knowing He is teaching us patience and faith and probably much more.

We prepare to start school again and the kids are very excited. The twins are big and hilarious, sweet and loving. Hopefully we will be moving this week... I will let you know.

Have a great day,