Saturday, September 12, 2009


Our first house fell through. The sellers couldn't wait any longer, so they put it back on the market. A day later we heard from the bank, and it was a go...but now we had no house.

So we had to find a new house. House B we fell in love with. It was a beautiful, big house, just perfect for our family. It was $10,000 over what we could afford. I felt very good about this house though, so despite our realtor warning us it was a long shot, we put an offer in. We received a verbal counter offer from them, something we could actually do. We, of course, accepted, and were just waiting to sign the papers. Our realtor called. Before he received the written, signed counter offer, another offer came in which they accepted. It was pretty shady, but there was nothing we could do about it.

Looking for houses again, we found a nice home, nothing compared to house B, but very nice. We went to put an offer in... it was already under contract.

House D we found and it was a beautiful house. First day on the market. We offered full price, and it was accepted. Finally, right? Well, we went for our home inspection, everything is great. The last thing he checks is in the crawl space...termites. Lots of termites. The house needs to be treated and repaired and it will take months. No more house D.

Of course we are being as positive as possible, knowing that God is doing something, teaching us things, and that He will bring us to the right house, (which I still think is House B.)

We put an offer in on house E. The house was okay, but we were settling for this one. It was not what we were looking for. They counter offer. As we are deciding what to do, we get a phone call...

House B fell through. They want us to put our offer back in, which will be accepted. So we are finally under contract for the perfect house, the one I knew was supposed to be ours. Home inspection has passed (and no termites), our closing date is Oct. 16 or sooner.

I never want to buy a house again. :) This has definitely been an adventure.

But God is good, and we are continuing to trust Him, knowing He will work it all out for us.

Have a beautiful weekend,


Anonymous said...

Buying and selling houses can be VERY stressful! We've moved around a lot. 12 times in 12 years and during that time we've bought and sold 6 homes. It hurts when you think you've found the perfect home and it jsut doesn't work out. But I"m so glad to hear that it's working out for your family!!! Congrats!!

...they call me mommy... said...

Oh my goodness! Well, PTL! That you FINALLY signed etc! Hope you are feeling well, Amy! Blessings!

Meghann said...

I am so excited for you guys! The same thing happened with us with the house we are currently trying to close on where the first time we put an offer in, someone out bid us. But we felt the whole time like it was our house! Then we got a call a month or so later saying their deal fell through, so now we are getting it. I can't wait to hear of ya'lls move and hopefully some pictures to go with it??? So very very happy for ya'll!!!

Meghann said...

Also had to say how excited I am to hear of number five coming!!! Just in time for a larger home right?

I'm thinking #5 will be coming along for us pretty soon. Honestly I'm a bit nervous, I feel like I just finished being pregnant! But I am reminding myself daily, God knows better than if he decides to bless us, we'll be excited!

I hope you guys have a wonderful week and enjoy your twins bday's next are so so so blessed!

Saminda said...

Thanks so much for sharing your story; we are house hunting at the moment and it sure is an adventure! We've offered and been knocked back on a house we love - but we're not going higher and are waiting on God to see if this is indeed the house for us. If it is, I know he'll work it all out.
SO happy for you that House B worked out!!