Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 3, 2017

It's quiet. The house is asleep and I am grasping these last bits of the night until my eyes can't win the battle anymore. Everyone always tells me that I should sleep in these moments, but with days loud and never ending, I am desperate for these quiet moments alone, more so than I am for sleep. I read, I knit, I ponder, I just sit without anyone talking to me, and without having to talk to anyone. Sometimes I feel guilty for having such thoughts, but we all need silence. We all need stillness.

I'm taking simplicity parenting coach training and in the meantime, we are beginning to take clients for parent coaching. I have this dream of eventually taking the business, along with the family, on the road. We're coming to your town, would you like to set up a class, coaching, etc. It's a dream, and as we all know, I dream deeply and numerously, yet still. I think it could happen.

The silence awakens my dreams and keeps me from seeking rest's solace. I had to tell my husband the other day not to give in to my pleas to spend hundreds of dollars in the middle of the night. When I'm up and the peace creeps in, I begin to be filled with ideas so grand, and I add costs, and I think we should do it, and I wake my husband to ask if I can spend hundreds on this thing that I "know" to be just what we need. He always tells me we'll talk in the morning. By afternoon I'm embarrassed of my midnight begging to spend money we don't have on things I don't want anyway. Side note. But important all the same.

The house is asleep and I'm grasping these last bits of the night until my eyes can't win the battle anymore. It's quiet.

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