Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday, May 1

Monday May 1

I try to rise before the kids because I need that time to myself, to prepare for the beautiful chaos of a day homeschooling 7, but often my plan fails because Wilder stirs half the time when I wriggle him out from under my arm and get up. Today was successful though, I made it up with the little guy still asleep, checked the clock, 6:30, brewed the coffee, made the blueberry bagel, read the last day of She Reads Truth's Hosea study. Hosea has always been a special book to me, I even wrote about it years ago on this blog. There's such beauty and hope in a message that basically says, no matter what, I'm still here and I still love you. Who doesn't need to hear that? Oh Hosea, I remain enamored of your words.

My teens wake first, up to shower and begin schoolwork in the cool quiet of the early morning. I remember my goal of getting a handle on mornings and so, as the younger kids wake, I greet them with a smile and a hug and ask what I can help them with this morning. I make oatmeal, as the twins have sore throats from a spring cold, and warm oatmeal soothes. Five children at the table, eating oatmeal, sunlight streaming in through curtain cracks behind them, laughter and smiles adorn, and this is a good morning.

They dress quickly so that they can have some time to read and write before they begin school, and I find myself with some time to sip coffee and read, Wilder and Pearl playing nicely in the play room nearby. Yes, this is a good morning. Soon 9:00 rolls around and a twin begs for fifteen more minutes to write, and I say yes, because I have no good reason to say no. I throw an afghan down in the living room, spread coloring books, crayons, and blocks, have Moses, Pearl, and Wilder sit and color while I read chapter 3 of Charlotte's Web. It's never to early to begin the grand conversation, and so I pause mid-chapter and ask them about Wilbur's escape, if it was a good idea and what they thought of it. Pearl tells me that home is cozy and Moses tells me it's where love is, and they both agree that they'd rather have boundaries and cozy and love at home, than all the freedom in the world. And that makes a mama heart glad.

The twins and Layla appear, and we have a quick circle time, quick because we're starting 15 minutes late. We recite poetry, read a language lesson, recite Shakespeare, go over addition facts, pray, and we're done. The twins disappear to do a math lesson ( Math-U-See for Ruth and Teaching Textbooks for Hannah- they are two different people and each has a preference for math), Moses and Pearl head outside to blow bubbles, Josiah reads Tom Sawyer, Layla works on her school in her room, and Wilder takes a nap. Another cup of coffee for the mama.

As the twins finish math, they begin one of their natural history reads, Tommy Smith's Animals, a book I am quickly falling in love with. Josiah finishes his chapter of Tom Sawyer, does a passage of copy work, marks the parts of speech as a quick grammar refresher, and then we have lunch.  Some days lunch time is the switch and it gets flipped and there's no getting our school back on track; afternoons quick become an ocean, everything getting tossed about, but today we recover and head right back into the peace that led our morning. Written narrations, drawing, more readings, Mozart and DaVinci studies, reading lesson with Moses, reading about Davy Crockett with the young boy who has always loved a coon skin cap.

School ends, actually ends, as in we finish all we set out to do this day. The twins and Layla have Monday afternoon classes; choir and band, and while they're away I make dinner, burritos, while the littles watch Moana again. Night creeps in softly, we eat, then we take a walk in the dark, Wilder on my back and the four on scooters, air cooling down and helping us all breathe, the teens choose to stay home and clean up.

Books and prayers and bedtime songs, and I sit up a bit, bracing myself for night two of my husband out of town. I'll stay awake and eventually I'll sleep, hoping tomorrow is as peaceful as today was.