Friday, October 9, 2009

Not holding my breath...

With one week to go, it looks like everything may fall apart. We may not get our house after all. After approving our loan and saying everything looked good, the bank suddenly decided today that we will need more (and quite a bit more) money to get into our house... so that's that. Is it possible? Well, I know that anything is possible with God. Is it likely? Hmmm.... doesn't seem so. If things don't work out what will we do? Good question. We cannot stay here much longer. So... we are just trusting God. He will work everything out they way it is supposed to be. And I do find peace in that.

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shaelee said...

We went through such agony getting our house, it ended up taking 3 or 4 months longer than it was supposed to, all the time with us living there not knowing if we could stay or not. The Father works it all out for the best though. The other place that did fall through pales in comparison to the freedoms and fun we have had here, trust and patience!

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