Friday, August 29, 2008

Beautiful baby maidens walking!!

Here are the twins as they begin their walking adventure. Ruth has been taking a couple of steps at a time for about two weeks and now she is trying to ONLY walk, although she falls down every few steps. Hannah has just begun to follow her sister, standing and attempting a step or two at a time. She is very funny though, because she gets so very excited that she is actually standing and about to walk, that she just giggles and giggles while she tries to walk, so she falls. Forgive the unfurnished house in the background, as we all know the reasons for the lack of decor.


Leanne Barker said...

Thats awesome! I miss you and your kids, not really James...just kidding. Weston sucks his thumb sometimes too, and I say are going to be like Ruth and Hannah and Layla and Josiah..ha ha..

Kelly said...

I think that just may have been the cutest video I have ever seen in my life! What good natured babies those two are! And to get to see Jo and Layla jumping around and cheering Hannah and Ruth on was too cute! Love it! Love you!

Shannon Moore said...

This is adorable. I look forward to this stage.
Did you ever get a new dining table?